Olesea Zadoinova Notary Corporation

Real Estate Transfers and Mortgages

Buying (purchasing) real estate

When you buy a real property, Olesea and her team will be happy to guide you through each legal document related to it and to facilitate the conveyance process for you.

Our services as the buyer’s notary include:

  • Reviewing the contract of purchase and sale;
  • Reviewing the title to make sure it is clear of financial encumbrances of the seller and any avoidable negative charges;
  • Preparation of the forms and performing the actions necessary to register ownership of land in the Land Title Office, such as: Form A Transfer, Property Transfer Tax form, Buyer’s and Seller’s Statements of Adjustments, ordering a Tax Certificate prior to completion to confirm that the taxes have been paid and etc.
  • Coordination of signatures;
  • Receiving and disbursement of trust funds in accordance with the statement of adjustment;
  • Registration;
  • Making sure that the Seller’s mortgage is fully discharged and the buyer holds a good title;
  • Ordering the State of Title Certificate etc.

To help you with your real estate transaction, we need the following documents:

Your three pieces of identification, including a government - issued photo ID, a copy of the contract of purchase and sale, full legal names, occupations and contract information of the buyers, contact information for your realtor, lender, insurance agent, mortgage broker etc.

Call us today at 604-719-8930 to learn what other documents we can help you with in your next real estate transaction. We are here to help you!

Selling Real Estate:

If you sell Real Estate, we can help you to simplify the process. Our role as your Notary is to assist you in signing the documents, to attend to paying out and discharging your mortgage, and to ensure that you receive the appropriate sale proceeds.

Olesea Zadoinova, as the seller’s Notary, will provide the fundamental undertaking to clear title. In practice, this means that the seller’s financial encumbrances are the priority and should be paid first.

Payment will ensure most financial institutions will provide a registerable discharge in due course. In some cases, our office has to obtain the registerable discharges prior to allowing the transaction to complete.

Some tips for you:

  • Retain our services early on so that we have sufficient time to process the transaction. Short notice transactions are possible, but may incur additional expense.
  • Make sure to mention to the buyer if you have tenants. If the buyer intends to live on the property, make sure that proper notice is given to the tenants to vacate the property.
  • Identify which items, as for example appliances, are included in the sale of your property. It is always better to determine this in advance and include it in the contract to avoid a disagreement after the sale has taken place.

Call us today at 604-719-8930 to learn what other steps you can take and which documents you will need to complete your real estate transaction. We are here to help you!